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Buy Zyban Without Prescription, An actual report sent by an anti-spam filter. The analysis is kinda interesting, but what's most fun is the reason the email was rejected, Zyban blogs, which is contained in the very last line. Buy generic Zyban, Make sure you read the analysis of the Body, though, that's where the poetry is, what is Zyban. ;)

Some details deleted to protect the innocent. Effects of Zyban,

Text Analysis Results

This report describes the search expressions found in this message.
Anti-spam Filter created the following spam analysis of 'T706974av8b8de3220abc0':

Condition Triggered: SPAM Probability: 11%.

Analysis: HourSent 0

Analysis: NumCC 0

Analysis: SubjectLength 21

Analysis: SPAMProbBody 99

Analysis: SPAMProbSubject 50

Analysis: SPAMProbDomain 84

Analysis: SPAMProbURL 0

Analysis: ASFNumPhrases 602

Analysis: ASFTotalUniqueURL 1

Analysis: NumParts 1

Analysis: MessageLength 12710

Analysis: NumSymbolsSubject 0

Analysis: Num3ConsecutiveSymbolSubject 0

Analysis: NumUpperCaseSubject 3

Analysis: NumConsecutiveSpacesInSubject 1

Analysis: NumCurrencyInSubject 0

Analysis: NumbersInSubject 0

Analysis: NumExclamationsInSubject 0

Analysis: NumSymbolsBody 494

Analysis: Num3ConsecutiveSymbolBody 7

Analysis: NumUpperCaseBody 113

Analysis: NumCurrencyInBody 0

Analysis: NumExclamationsInBody 0

Analysis: NumUrls 1

Analysis: NumNumericSenderName 0

Analysis: NumRecipients 1

Analysis: NumHtmlParts 0

Analysis: ToUndisclosedRecipients 1

Analysis: FromList 0

Analysis: SubjectParenthesis 0

Analysis: HtmlOnly 0

Analysis: NumWordsOrPhrasesInBody 602

Analysis: NumApplicationParts 0

Analysis: MessageIdMatchTo 0

Analysis: MessageIdMatchFrom 1

Analysis: TimeZone 1000

Analysis: CombinationBody 8

Analysis: TextPlain 1

Analysis: Images 0

Analysis: IsReport 0

Analysis: CombinationSubject 0

Analysis: CombinationSenderName 0

Analysis: NOTSPAM body: if i were, rx free Zyban, i can do, Zyban recreational, it was good, there would be, she said she, Zyban coupon, this what i, Zyban schedule, we have another, i don't want, it would be better, online buy Zyban without a prescription, i think i'm, Zyban price, coupon, i don't want, so i don't, i can go, buy no prescription Zyban online, i think you, Zyban steet value, i've not seen, no one else, i don't want, where to buy Zyban, i don't mind, Zyban forum, i don't think, i don't think, you could do, generic Zyban, there was some, Zyban gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, what we have, i don't know, i think it, where can i order Zyban without prescription, i don't see, Zyban trusted pharmacy reviews, i would have, which i don't, it sounds like, Zyban images, ------ end forwarded message, Zyban street price, Analysis: SPAM body: if i were, i don't need, do it in, canada, mexico, india, i can do, Is Zyban addictive, so far i, i just don't, it was good, cheap Zyban no rx, there would be, Buy Zyban from canada, it was really, i thought this, this what i, fast shipping Zyban, i don't want, Zyban long term, it feels like, it would be better, i think i'm, Zyban reviews, i don't want, Taking Zyban, so i don't, in other news, i think no, about Zyban, i think you, Zyban australia, uk, us, usa, how many people, i'm sure there are, no one else, Zyban used for, so i was, Zyban natural, i wouldn't do, i don't want, i don't mind, Zyban use, i don't think, Zyban photos, i don't think, what are we, you could do, Zyban price, so you would, Zyban duration, which you have, no one cared, there was some, Zyban maximum dosage, what we have, Zyban alternatives, i don't know, i think it, i don't see, i would have, it sounds like, in my mind, that's all right,

Analysis: NOTSPAM subject:

Analysis: SPAM subject:

Analysis: NOTSPAM domain:

Analysis: SPAM domain:

Analysis: NOTSPAM url:

Analysis: SPAM url:

Scenarios/Incoming/Detect Rude Words found the following search expressions in '0.3.0':
The phrase 'wanker' was found at the location(s): .

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