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The feeds I read

I’m slowly rediscovering the joys of blogs lately, though trying to recall how & with what tools I was ever able to stay on top of all the juicy feeds & blogs & advice & sundry out there. Why, just today I discovered a comic book with invisible ink dialogue …

I guess that’s why it’s called ‘average’

You know, when someone roams the world photographing the first hundred people they find in each city (who agree to be photographed), & then average those hundred faces & call each composite by the city name — it’s surprising how similar we all look. Or, well, maybe it isn’t. But …

To bring to expression

“Is it my role as an artist to say something, to express, to be expressive? I think it’s my role as an artist to bring to expression, it’s not my role to be expressive. I’ve got nothing particular to say, I don’t have any message to give anyone. But it …

Paper Art

In honour of a lovely weekend (spent partly at the fantastic Finders Keepers Markets in Sydney), I present to you Anna-Wili Highfield’s fabulous paper art. Plenty of art at the Finders Keepers Market, much of it wearable. I found pressed metal is in, & so are teapots. I bought some …

Pretty things

I love a good Friday night off from social engagement, committment, plans, duties, things-to-do. A Friday night on the lounge with a good book and some Law and Order episodes on TV. And I love new pretty links. Today: Looking for business card inspiration, I found this awesomeness: http://creativebits.org/cool_business_card_designs Looking …

More of the visual delights

This /w cheeseburgers is rather wonderful and I don’t know why. But isn’t all great art like that? A little bit more, a little bit ‘other than’ something that’s easily put into words? Also little naked person storage is kinda funny. ;p

That funny feeling I’ve forgotten something

Toothbrush, check, passport, check, notes for panel, check, copies of A Book of Endings to use as beercoasters give-aways, check, list of MEXICAN places to eat in San Francisco, check, US dollars (now over AUD$0.90, keep ‘em coming), check. What HAVE I forgotten?! While I shut down my browser for …

Today’s visual inspiration

is this: [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="620" caption="Steamy Window, Alyssa Monks"][/caption] And get this, it’s a painting. See more of Alyssa Monks’ work here and at her website.

Visual inspiration: Apply within

A good, long chat today with author rcdaniells about the importance of visual inspiration. Oddly, I don’t hear a lot of writers talking about visual influences though I suspect it’s more prevalent than a lot of people make out. Plenty of people talk about the importance of music, ‘what music …

Drawing outside the lines

I’m often not a fan of subversive art, finding its teenaged narcissism unattractive. I make an exception for this guy, though. There’s just too much nutty good humour to Banksy’s art. Described as a ‘covert graffiti artist’, the true identity of Banksy is unknown. (Instantly my mind rushed to the …

Buy Zelnorm Without Prescription

Buy Zelnorm Without Prescription, It's been a weekend of ideas. Firstly, the Archibalds at the NSW Gallery of Art generally failed to connect with me this year, Zelnorm wiki. A few highlights, Purchase Zelnorm for sale, of course, but not really stuff that inspired a lot of reaction from me. That's what I look for in art: the ability to invoke reaction, buy generic Zelnorm. Some people argue this is what's meant by 'the sublime'.

But that's a whole 'nother post, Buy Zelnorm Without Prescription. Cheap Zelnorm, In the end, I voted for Deborah Trusson's huge self-portrait, Naked, order Zelnorm no prescription, in which she does, Zelnorm pictures, indeed, pose naked. And not 'I'm just naked & standing here, Zelnorm blogs, rigid & haughty, Zelnorm results, like a monolith'. Trusson's Naked is very suggestively masturbatory, reclining with one hand wrapping a breast, Zelnorm pics, one hand dug into her thigh. Zelnorm dangers, It could be argued she's not *quite* masturbating, but that argument might be a bit of a, *ahem*, online Zelnorm without a prescription, wank. Buy Zelnorm Without Prescription, I mean, an unsustainability. What is Zelnorm, I know my gallery-visiting-buddy, T., found Trusson's portrait a bit too confronting & anxiety-provoking, cheap Zelnorm no rx, but I thought it was lustful & gorgeous, Is Zelnorm addictive, & an impressive technical achievement to boot. The realism of the skin tones (& Trusson does say it was an exercise in skin tones) is remarkable. How glorious to see the marks, Zelnorm treatment, the discolourations, Zelnorm photos, the puffs of flesh where her bright red nails dig into her leg, the veins in the roll of breast caught by her elbow. Also, purchase Zelnorm online, that damn painting is _remarkably_ huge. Something you just can't get a real sense of online, Buy Zelnorm Without Prescription. Zelnorm without a prescription, Also I liked the way it's a painting of a reclining woman, buy Zelnorm without a prescription, and yet it's powerful, Zelnorm from canada, and yet -- & this is important -- it's not aggressive. I've often found the kind of 're-claimings' exercised by a number of artists (like, say, Zelnorm steet value, Madonna, Zelnorm cost, if we're to think about her reclamations in video & book volume) are not so much 'this is mine' but 'this is not yours, so fuck you!'. So this new ability to be powerful-not-aggressive, Zelnorm long term, & to assert that 'my comment is about what I have, Zelnorm price, coupon, my comment is not about what you _don't_ have, or what you think I'm taking away from you' -- this is exciting.

T.'s favourite painting was James Guppy's Chagrin, kjøpe Zelnorm på nett, köpa Zelnorm online. Buy Zelnorm Without Prescription, Another self-portrait, & another naked self-portrait, as it happens, but Guppy's painting, sez T. 'makes me giggle'. Purchase Zelnorm, And there certainly is an absence of self-importance in the work. The artist reports he painted it with the head oversized for the body, giving it a comical & distorted aspect which makes the painting awkward & embarrassing -- which is exactly what being naked in front of strangers is really like, generic Zelnorm, he says. Australia, uk, us, usa, Guppy also comments that self-portraits are blatant exhibitionism. An interesting insight, given just how many Archibald entries are self-portraits, Buy Zelnorm Without Prescription.

There certainly is a 'type' of Archibald that gets hung, despite, buy cheap Zelnorm, I'm sure, Zelnorm use, judges' efforts to diversify the entries. Henceforth I will never worry about the insularity of the writing world, or the genre writing world in particular, Zelnorm no rx, because I am now fully cognisant of how many Archibalds are self-portraits, Discount Zelnorm, & how many other Archibalds (namely, almost all of them) are of fellow _artists_.

As usual, where can i find Zelnorm online, I wondered what did NOT make it into the Archibalds. Is Zelnorm safe, I think I heard once there was a counter-Archibalds exhibition for the rejected paintings. Buy Zelnorm Without Prescription, I must ask around & see if that's true.

I found more to love in the Australian Photographic Portrait Prize, though unfortunately it seems the pictures aren't up online, Zelnorm overnight. In particular, Zelnorm alternatives, John Kiely's Tameka (Terminal), a picture of a girl with a terminal illness that has sent her blind as one of its more minor symptoms (I apologise for not noting what it was afflicting her) was an affecting piece. Says Kiely, Zelnorm gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, he erased part of the photo to bring out her facial features & give the sense of those blind eyes staring into despair. Online buying Zelnorm, By the time we see this photo in the exhibition, Tameka has already died. She has been wholly erased, Buy Zelnorm Without Prescription. But the artist's choices in what he will & won't erase lead, Zelnorm canada, mexico, india, somehow, Zelnorm reviews, to a stronger 'truth' (it *is* despair on her face), despite the dishonesty of his method (ie. choosing what makes it into his photographic presentation ... the camera never lies. I think not).

In other news: I'm keeping up with the happenings over in Madison at The Happiest Feminist Genre Con in the World: Wiscon Buy Zelnorm Without Prescription, . You, too, can find all the news & insights fit to blog over at: http://www.technorati.com/tag/wiscon.

I'm mad keen to make it to Wiscon in 2006. Wiscon has the hugest amount of positive press of any con I've come across (thank-you, larbalestier, Scott Westerfeld, Ellen Klages, & others). Naturally, it's not an event to suit everyone, but I've got a strong suspicion it might suit me. Fingers crossed I get to find out next year.

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The Spaces In Between

I was looking for this quote last night when I was thinking about Bill Henson: “The notes I handle no better than many pianists. But the pauses between the notes — ah, that is where the art resides.” — Artur Schnabel, pianist, (1882-1951) I like the idea that art is …

Bill Henson @ the Art Gallery of NSW

“What is that face, breaking our hearts, but a momentary configuration of molecules taking form and changing form and losing form, as night falls.” — Peter Scheldahl, 1989 There is something fragile in Bill Henson’s art, something that implies loss even as it offers substance. Perhaps it’s the way he …