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I die, therefore I am?

Just because gillpolack got me thinking about life & death, here’s one of my favourite quotes: Courage is almost a contradiction in terms. It means a strong desire to live taking the form of a readiness to die. — Gilbert Keith Chesterton Follow @deborah_b

Feeling mortal all over

From chrisbarnes who got it from benpeek: “Tell me how you’d dispose of my corpse. Then post this in your own journal to find out how other people plan to get rid of YOUR body!” (The squeamish may skip this post, of course.) Follow @deborah_b

Tag-arama a-go-go

I just want to try out this tags thingy so I am going to write this post and tag it, & I will tag it ‘useless’. I suspect many of my posts will be tagged ‘useless’. Follow @deborah_b

Naturally, there’s a lot to catch up on

Starting with: http://showdown.contagiousmedia.org/ In an era where the proliferation of information has been accelerated through technological advancement and the Internet, how do people decide what information they will share with others? Contagious Media explores this question in an exhibition of recent projects developed specifically to quickly spread socio-political messages through …