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Alertec For Sale

Alertec For Sale, "Beneath the woman's veil, nothing could be seen. Alertec price, Above it, a half-mask covered the upper part of her face with cast-metal compassion."
-- Janet Morris, Alertec brand name, Where can i cheapest Alertec online, Cruiser Dreams, Book Two in the Three Part Saga of the Kerrion Empire
( Berkley Science Fiction, where can i buy cheapest Alertec online, My Alertec experience, Fourth Printing, September 1984, Alertec trusted pharmacy reviews, Where can i find Alertec online, pp. 105)

By god, Alertec for sale, Alertec no rx, I WILL finish CRUISER DREAMS. I will, Alertec price, coupon, Alertec dose, I will, I will.

"Sometimes, order Alertec no prescription, Alertec no prescription, just when one has been forced to face failure at the bottom of a pit, some small gear will turn, fast shipping Alertec, Buy Alertec no prescription, and lock, and an upward motion begins to draw one back up, low dose Alertec. Alertec schedule, Someone or other from antiquity had taught that out of despair is birthed resolutions, out of submission, buy Alertec from mexico, Online Alertec without a prescription, new strength to attack."
-- Janet Morris, Cruiser Dreams, effects of Alertec, Alertec treatment, Book Two in the Three Part Saga of the Kerrion Empire
( Berkley Science Fiction, Fourth Printing, doses Alertec work, Alertec natural, September 1984, pp, Alertec coupon. 121)

I am enjoying my own perverse reaction to these books, Alertec For Sale. Purchase Alertec online no prescription, I am, at least partly, Alertec street price, Kjøpe Alertec på nett, köpa Alertec online, still enjoying the books, though part of me is itching to find a reason to hate them, Alertec pharmacy, Alertec over the counter, & another part is unable to settle into them. So that in the end I find I'm skim-reading a little more than I mean to, Alertec photos. Comprar en línea Alertec, comprar Alertec baratos, I'm missing out on part of their density. I know I'm missing out & my knowledge distracts me more so that I settle even less, Alertec used for, Discount Alertec, annoyed at myself more, even, buy generic Alertec, After Alertec, than before. Alertec For Sale, A sane person would put them away for a time. Sometimes, Alertec from canadian pharmacy, Alertec steet value, sanity is too simple an option.

"Then he leaned his head back against the wall and blinked fiercely, Alertec from canada. Buy Alertec online no prescription, His throat worked and his eyes shut and a whisper in the back of his mind urged him to pick up the pieces of his life while there was still time.
But what would he do then?"
-- Janet Morris, Alertec dosage, Cruiser Dreams, Book Two in the Three Part Saga of the Kerrion Empire
( Berkley Science Fiction, Fourth Printing, September 1984, pp. 264)

I've been searching for weeks for a saying I came across some time ago, Alertec For Sale. It went along the lines of 'When the universe pushes, pull. When it pulls, push.' Or maybe the other way around. All I know is that I'm in a tussle with the universe & somehow it's symbolised for me by these damn books.

The universe laughs. Alertec For Sale, It knows the books aren't important. It knows I know. It knows I will finish them anyway because now they are under my skin and goddammitt I have made up my mind that I will finish them, though I have no clear assurance why the task is important. I merely read the books while looking askance at the universe from the corner of one eye. I could stop struggling, but struggle at least lets you know you're alive. I could, instead, sit back, choose something simpler, & return to measuring out my life with coffee spoons.

If I weren't an athiest, I'd tell God to fuck off right now. Just because that's the kind of mood I'm in.

"He mulled it over, tasting the words, feeling them fit epitaph to his premature but passionately flaming exultation: 'All things are an exchange for fire, and fire for all things'."
-- Janet Morris, Cruiser Dreams, Book Two in the Three Part Saga of the Kerrion Empire
( Berkley Science Fiction, Fourth Printing, September 1984, pp. 269)

Damn, damn, damn, I like these damn books.

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Buy Fluconazole Without Prescription

Buy Fluconazole Without Prescription, Having met Helen Darville when she was still pretending to be Helen Demidenko, I've had an ongoing curiosity with her story.

And the fact I took a reasonably instantaneous dislike to her persona -- supposed or otherwise ('needy' was the sense I got) -- added to the fact I have never read her book, puts me in absolutely no authoritative position whatsoever to comment on this piece of Australian literary history, Fluconazole class. And yet, Australia, uk, us, usa, here are a few thoughts. ;)

A brief history: Helen Demidenko appeared on the Australian literary scene in about 1993 claiming to have written an honest account of the Holocaust as gleaned from her Croatian uncle. This, about Fluconazole, she asserted more than once, Purchase Fluconazole, justified any anti-semitism found in the text. Jews, the claim went, really were racist & she had just the uncle to prove it, Buy Fluconazole Without Prescription.

'What will your uncle be doing now that the book's a success,' she was once asked, Fluconazole description.
'He'll be downing the vodka, Fluconazole dangers, no doubt,' she replied.

(Though, generic Fluconazole, I'm paraphrasing there, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, please be aware that I am not claiming that conversation is an _exact_ representation.)

Some time after The Hand that Signed the Paper won "the Vogel award, the ASAL (Association for the Study of Australian Literature) Gold Medal and the Miles Franklin Award between 1993 and 1995", it was revealed that Helen Demidenko was the simple daughter of English parents, Fluconazole duration, not an ounce of Croatian blood in her body. Cheap Fluconazole, Oh, and her name was Helen Darville. Buy Fluconazole Without Prescription, So what are we left with.

1, buy Fluconazole no prescription. An embarrassed publishing industry who took her at her word, Taking Fluconazole, little realising how the earnest-seeming Demidenko was playing on their good faith. Repercussions for the rest of us still exist. "[S]hortlisted authors in the Vogel award now have to sign a statutory declaration saying this is their own work", Buy cheap Fluconazole, for example.

Quote: Soon after the Demidenko story broke, Abbey says, "a beautiful young Ukrainian woman came to us with a story based on her family's history", Buy Fluconazole Without Prescription. Her manuscript was rejected on literary grounds, Abbey says, Fluconazole pharmacy, but "I still feel that the damage was significant. Online buying Fluconazole hcl, Commissioning editors did begin to look at manuscripts differently."

2. Accusations that became increasingly muddy as the Demidenko sky rocket crashed & burned. Accusations of anti-semitism & plagiarism, Fluconazole no rx, with the latter largely substantiated in at least several unrelated articles she wrote, Buy generic Fluconazole, if not the original novel in question. Buy Fluconazole Without Prescription, 3. The uneasy word 'faction', which was coined for the Demidenko book, Fluconazole from mexico, meaning 'stories of fact, Where can i order Fluconazole without prescription, written with the narrative techniques of fiction', & which has largely been dropped from the vocabulary as quickly as Darville herself was dropped from the literary world (I remember seeing one editor interviewed on the Sunday programme several years later, saying, Fluconazole samples, "I wouldn't touch her with a ten-foot pole.")

4. Fluconazole mg, An ongoing absence, as far as we can tell, of Helen Darville, Fluconazole over the counter, author of not only The Hand That Rocked the Cradle, Fluconazole wiki, but the fictional Demidenko persona. I remember one Darville supporter saying they utterly expected Darville would bounce back. Talent, Fluconazole gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, they told me, Order Fluconazole no prescription, would win out, in the end.

(Talent, I would wager, has never been enough.)

5, Buy Fluconazole Without Prescription. Copies of a book that claim to have been written by one Helen Demidenko, Fluconazole natural, later editions (because *naturally* the contention sent it into reprints) claiming to be the product of someone called Helen Darville-Demidenko. Fluconazole dosage, Probably collector's items for anyone who's interested. I'm not sure they ever printed any with the simple 'Helen Darville' attribution. All three names are famous now, Fluconazole coupon, of course. Buy Fluconazole Without Prescription, To summarise: Helen Darville may or may not have written a very good book. Fluconazole overnight, I can't say. Despite the brouhaha surrounding the text, I find myself uninterested in reading it, buy cheap Fluconazole no rx. The accusations of plagiarism & racism leave me cold. Online buying Fluconazole, Normally I might say the only real judgement must rest with reading the text itself, but in this case, how could I ever feel assurance that the phrases I was reading belonged to the name(s) on the front of the work, Fluconazole photos, rather than to some other, Order Fluconazole from United States pharmacy, unidentified source.

She may or may not have acted out of naivity in taking on an assumed name & history, Buy Fluconazole Without Prescription. It may or may not have been a cold-blooded promotional tool. It may or may not have been an example of an author becoming almost psychotically wrapped up in the story she'd created, where to buy Fluconazole.

It may or may not have been an extreme example of a machiavellian disregard for the faith and interest of others. Fluconazole no prescription, Certainly, at the time, fresh from a degree in Psychology, order Fluconazole online c.o.d, I found myself wanting to know _how_ someone could so blithely lie and lie, Purchase Fluconazole online no prescription, and, when exposed, react with rage at her discoverers, no prescription Fluconazole online. Buy Fluconazole Without Prescription, (Now, I understand a little more about offence and defence, and the way shame twists itself into something that makes its recipient feel more powerful. Though, Canada, mexico, india, of course, I am speculating.)

Demidenko (when Demidenko existed) was entertaining, sure. Loud and tall and with that trademark long, white hair, she was a figure to behold. The volume of her voice while she read from her award-winning (plagiarised. racist?) text drowned out all the other speakers in the grounds of the NSW Writers' Centre Spring Writing Weekend back in the early nineties.

I remember her mother being in that audience, smiling along with the tales of the Croatian relatives -- none of whom were real, Buy Fluconazole Without Prescription. I remember her father's apparent embarrassment when he was called to account in a phone call post-fall. I remember a reporter quoting Darville's highschool principal as saying, "I was wondering when you'd get around to calling us."

As secrets go, it was sloppy. I wonder how long she expected it to go undiscovered.

"I thought my talent would transcend my outspokenness. I was wrong." Buy Fluconazole Without Prescription, -- Mickey Rourke

I remember Darville's long white hair suffering the wrath of truth. When the media went into overdrive with the story of her falsity, she cut her hair & let it return to its real but somewhat less impressive blonde.

I remember seeing Darville in the media years & years later, fiercely talking about her future & her new book (which she was researching in Rome) & demonstrating absolutely no remorse whatsoever.

Writers have committed murder, been thrown in jail, lied, cheated, and plagiarised, and still bounced back sooner or later. I wonder if Darville will.

But I have to admit, I don't actually wonder too much.

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Buy Zolpidem Without Prescription

Buy Zolpidem Without Prescription, Atwood's back in the gang.

Literature is an uttering, or outering, Zolpidem street price, Purchase Zolpidem online no prescription, of the human imagination. It lets the shadowy forms of thought and feeling - heaven, buy cheap Zolpidem, Zolpidem description, hell, monsters, buy Zolpidem no prescription, Get Zolpidem, angels and all - out into the light, where we can take a good look at them and perhaps come to a better understanding of who we are and what we want, no prescription Zolpidem online, Zolpidem long term, and what the limits to those wants may be. Understanding the imagination is no longer a pastime, rx free Zolpidem, Zolpidem price, but a necessity; because increasingly, if we can imagine it, Zolpidem from mexico, Zolpidem recreational, we'll be able to do it.
-- Margaret Atwood, 'Aliens have taken the place of angels', Zolpidem pharmacy, Zolpidem for sale, Guardian Unlimited, 17 June 2005

Thanks, where to buy Zolpidem, Comprar en línea Zolpidem, comprar Zolpidem baratos, coalescent. Australia, uk, us, usa. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Zolpidem duration. Zolpidem samples. Zolpidem pictures. Ordering Zolpidem online. Zolpidem class. Order Zolpidem online c.o.d. Zolpidem coupon. Where can i cheapest Zolpidem online. Taking Zolpidem. Online buy Zolpidem without a prescription. Where can i order Zolpidem without prescription. Zolpidem used for. Online buying Zolpidem hcl. Buy generic Zolpidem. Low dose Zolpidem. Effects of Zolpidem. Doses Zolpidem work. Zolpidem cost.

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Trackbacks from: Buy Zolpidem Without Prescription. Buy Zolpidem Without Prescription. Buy Zolpidem Without Prescription. Buy Zolpidem Without Prescription. Buy Zolpidem Without Prescription. Zolpidem for sale. Online buying Zolpidem hcl. Is Zolpidem safe. Real brand Zolpidem online. Rx free Zolpidem.

Restoril For Sale

Restoril For Sale, I'm blocked.

I was reading this book, quite happily -- well, not *quite* happily, that's the problem, Restoril duration, that's why I slowed, stopped, looked around. Buy generic Restoril, And when I looked around I became --

-- blocked --

-- unable to continue with confidence. It was weird, but to start from the beginning: when I was, what, 19, purchase Restoril, maybe, I read a book. Well, Restoril over the counter, several, but let's deal with just this one for now.

I read this book called DREAM DANCER & it was like a blow to the head, Restoril For Sale. There was such energy & force in it that even a decade and a half later I could still recall its images. Despite the fact I couldn't keep up with all its vocab or ideas, I loved that book, where can i find Restoril online.

I had to hunt out a copy in a second-hand bookshop so I could return my borrowed library edition. And it was the first of a trilogy, so then I had to hunt out the other two. Restoril For Sale, This hunt took several years but eventually I had all three books on my shelf. My Restoril experience, On. My. Shelf. I never read them. I was afraid of the disappointment, because DREAM DANCER loomed so large in my mind, Restoril For Sale. What if it wasn't as good, Restoril pharmacy, & I lost the joy of that memory. Perhaps it was best left alone. Perhaps, Restoril no rx, perhaps.

I am not good with leaving alone, I suppose. Restoril For Sale, Curiosity overtook me this year, or a desire to re-connect with my past, & I read DREAM DANCER again. And it was great. It was remarkable in its detail, buy cheap Restoril no rx, astonishing in its breadth, delicious in its baroque cadences, impressive in its structure & strategy. Restoril description, I leapt straight from book one to book two: CRUISER DREAMS.

This author is new weird, this author is smart & has a sense of earthy beauty, this author is accomplished. This author mixes science with grand gothic tropes, Restoril For Sale. This author should be more famous, order Restoril online overnight delivery no prescription. Why isn't everyone talking about Janet Morris, I wondered.

Anyhow, Restoril photos, CRUISER DREAMS slowed me down because its baroque sensibility tipped, IMHO, towards prose of the decidedly mauve kind. I found myself chuckling sometimes, & the unrequited love that seemed so painful in the first book just kinda, Restoril from canada, I dunno, I'm not good with romance plots anyhow, it's probably just me. Restoril For Sale, But I still wanted to know why Janet Morris wasn't famous. Buy Restoril no prescription, So I googled her.

And now I'm --

-- blocked --

-- torn, because I know an author is not her work & her work is not her, I know this, I shouldn't be letting this interfere with my reading, Restoril interactions. Why am I letting this interfere with my reading.

"I can't remember a damn thing worth mentioning before I started writing in '76. Those were the SISISTRA series days, and it came as a shock to me that no one read SF had ever gotten laid or even considered the possibility, Restoril For Sale. Of course I was still reading the scandalized letters and reviews, Restoril without a prescription, but before I went to my first convention and saw the folks. Then I understood. Obviously, I'd made a mistake. These were literati (sic); sexual politics wasn't their strong suit."

I mean, what is Restoril, the interview (if such it is) is so dodgy they can't even get the name of the SILISTRA series right. Restoril For Sale, I shouldn't care. Right.

"I avoided the horde of rabid feminists who wanted to string me up and the lesbians that wanted to...well, Kjøpe Restoril på nett, köpa Restoril online, you know...and I decided that I'd write something different for these folks. I did a convention where they said they wanted to be challenged. Like a fool, I believed them. I also noticed that the SF types had a slavish devotion to and blinding awe of people with strong scientific backgrounds, Restoril For Sale. Shit, doses Restoril work, I can write that stuff, I told myself. I was elected to the New York Academy of Sciences in 1980; I was a card-carrying member of AAAS."

And anyway, Herbal Restoril, who's to say Morris even said any of this. And if she did, perhaps she meant it all in a kind of self-deprecating way. Perhaps she said it with a glass of champagne in her hand and she was chatting away at a party & trying to downplay her achievements because she's embarrassed to admit how important her writing is to her. Restoril For Sale, You know. Could be, Restoril dosage. Could be that.

"So I wrote the Dream Dancer series, which acquired the dubious distinction of having all three volumes, Online Restoril without a prescription, published six months apart, on the LOCUS best seller list at the same time. [snip] Worse people began comparing me to Gene Wolfe, and even though I sold the damned thing in England and Germany and I forget where-the-hell-else (I've got titles in French and Italian as well), I got tagged as writing "rigorously intellectual" "baroque" novels by a bunch of reviewers who didn't know science when they saw it, cheap Restoril. But then, neither did my editor at the house that bought the books, who thought they were fantasy."

And what's it matter anyway, if I like the books, right, Restoril For Sale. I like the books. I should just keep reading the books. Should forget trying to find out why Morris isn't considered as major a talent as Wol-- oh, Order Restoril online c.o.d, wait. Right. Restoril For Sale, Right.

"So I got the hell out of the genre"

OK. And wrote under pseudonyms. Right, effects of Restoril, fair enough, too. I mean, Online buying Restoril hcl, that's what she wanted. She didn't like where she was, so she changed, Restoril For Sale. Good on her. I admire her practicality. I mean, a lot of people find SF fans (like me, low dose Restoril, like ME, goddamn it) freakish, so, Purchase Restoril online, you know, whatever.

"[snip]leans heavily on hardware. Restoril For Sale, But then, so do I every now and again. Somebody in my weight class has to, when that somebody attracts as much unwanted attention as I do, Restoril long term. So I usually have an odds-evener on me, and I drive a fast car, if flight is the best response. Buy Restoril without prescription, But I've also got a short fuse, especially when people decide they just have to put a hand on me. So the carry permit came years ago; I don't think about it much; it's a part of me.
What I carry depends on where and why, Restoril For Sale. I've got some special stuff, like a Walther TPH; two custom .45's, Restoril gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, and usually am trying something new. Right now that's the Glock 17, but I probably won't keep it. Restoril brand name, Plastic guns make me nervous. The equipment has to fit the job you want to do with it, and the Glock's not better at anything than my Commander or my Detonics Mk VI, it's just lighter. Restoril For Sale, Being a lightweight myself, I can tell you that that's not always an advantage. As for the 9mm advantages-- ammo availability in NATO and Third World countries, Restoril treatment, and number of rounds per magazine: a)I'm not offshore right now and b) I'm not expecting to be overrun by a hostile horde anytime soon; in non-police social situations, if you can't solve the problem with six to eight rounds of 230 grain nyclad interspersed with Glasers, you're flat not going to solve it. Restoril dangers, Being unexpected, which I also am, can be a distinct advantage, however. Keep your hands to yourself and buy me a cup of coffee, Restoril class, and I'll tell you about the time I waltzed a Colt CS gun right through a security check and into a closed Senate hearing on terrorism...."

Unexpected. Yeah, good call. Thing is, I found more, too, Restoril For Sale. Restoril steet value, I found a Janet Morris involved in a movement to do with 'non-lethal weapons', & of course I figured Google was just throwing up all the Janet Morrises of the world. It is the same one, though, same Janet Morris if you choose to believe the written word, comprar en línea Restoril, comprar Restoril baratos.

Janet Morris, co-author of The Warrior's Edge, is best known as a science fiction writer but has been a member of the News York Academy of Sciences since 1980 and is a member of the Association for Electronic Defense. Buy no prescription Restoril online, She is also the Research Director of the U.S. Restoril For Sale, Global Strategy Council (USGSC). She was initiated into the Japanese art of bioenergetics, Joh-re, the Indonesian brotherhood of Subud, and graduated from the Silva course in advanced mind control, where can i buy Restoril online. She has been conducting remote viewing experiments for fifteen years. She worked on a research project investigating the effects of mind on probability in computer systems."

Could be a joke, of course, Generic Restoril, the internet is full of jokes.

According to nonlethal weapons' original designer Mrs. Janet Morris's white paper, the nonlethal weapons include portable microwave weapon, Non nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse weapons/High power microwave weapon (HPM), electromagnetic technologies (mind control technologies include ELF which can be used for mind control to implant thoughts into people), Infrasound, acoustic beams, Restoril For Sale. non-penetrating high frequency acoustic bullets, hand-held lasers, low-frequency RF, etc. (see details on NonLethality: John B. Alexander, the Pentagon's Penguin by Armen Victorian from UK magazine LOBSTER", in June of 1993).

Though reality is always stranger than fiction. That's true, too.

Restoril For Sale, Chris and Janet Morris concept of "non-lethal weaponry" is taking some time to catch on in many military and law enforcement arenas. The couple, who foresee a fundamental change in the way people decide to practice violence, are the co-owners of the New Hampshire company M-2 Technologies.

But the thing is, I can't get past the feeling that the author is laughing at me for liking her books, that she thinks I'm freakish & undesirable, that she played me for a fool, that's she's sniggering at the dubious distinctions I would otherwise consider achievements. And when I read her stuff now, all I can see is the face of a gun-toting, non-lethal violence specialist, looking down on me, and smirking, sneering, even. Just like that, like a stake through a vampiric heart, the smooth beauty of her story has become as ash to me.

(And I don't even KNOW what the fck this is about.).

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Fluconazole For Sale

gwendabondgirl asks:

Fluconazole For Sale, So. Order Fluconazole online overnight delivery no prescription, What kind of reader are you?

Some years ago, trapped in bed with a cold & a novel I came to despise, purchase Fluconazole online no prescription, Cheap Fluconazole no rx, I decided I would never again read a bad book. I'd rather not say what that book was, is Fluconazole addictive, Where can i find Fluconazole online, because I'm sure the author tried very hard to write a good book. I'm sure she thought she was doing something worthwhile, Fluconazole pharmacy. Fluconazole price, coupon, And you know, it's a lot like food, Fluconazole mg. Some people like their soups creamy & some people like their soups without cream, Fluconazole For Sale. Fluconazole pics, Me, I'm not a huge soup fan & sometimes I look at soup & inadvertently find the word 'slops' comes to mind, ordering Fluconazole online. Fluconazole without a prescription, Also words like 'what the fuck is this, you can't seriously think this is fucking edible', Fluconazole over the counter. Fluconazole dose, Regardless of the author's intentions, Fluconazole interactions, Online Fluconazole without a prescription, immediately thereafter I implemented what I call the Hundred Pages Rule.

That is, where can i order Fluconazole without prescription, Buy cheap Fluconazole no rx, I give every book I pick up until page 100 to get my attention. Fluconazole For Sale, If I find myself on page 100 & I'm still bored or, worse, resentful, I stop reading. I don't read the last page, rx free Fluconazole, Fluconazole online cod, & I don't skim ahead to find something good. I simply figure the time is not right or the book is not right *for me*, Fluconazole images. Herbal Fluconazole, Let it be free in the world where someone else might find it & love it, I say, where can i cheapest Fluconazole online. Fluconazole canada, mexico, india, Free!

The reason I wait until page 100 is that sometimes it takes me a while to warm to books. Sometimes I'm still lost in the thrill of the last book I've read & trying to make friends with the new one is an exercise in attempting NOT to compare this one to that, Fluconazole For Sale. Whereas that book may have been a full-bodied red wine with plum overnotes, buy Fluconazole no prescription, Kjøpe Fluconazole på nett, köpa Fluconazole online, this new one might be more of a subtle, pale white with hints of straw, taking Fluconazole. Fluconazole treatment, You see.

So if I find myself on page 100 & my glass of wine is beginning to look like slops (you know, Fluconazole cost, No prescription Fluconazole online, I really have no respect for similes do I. It's a veritable casserole of similes when I start talking), what is Fluconazole, My Fluconazole experience, I stop. Fluconazole For Sale, Because life really is too short.

If I find I've passed page 100 & forgotten to do my mental check in, is Fluconazole safe, Fluconazole street price, a la 'is this book working for me yet', then wow, Fluconazole coupon. Discount Fluconazole, Fantastic. It's love, where can i buy cheapest Fluconazole online. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, It takes me weeks to read a book, & I'm not one of those writers who reads more than they write, Fluconazole class, Fluconazole from canadian pharmacy, as it happens. Which tells you something about my writing speed, too, Fluconazole For Sale. Also, canada, mexico, india, it's rare I'll read an entire trilogy & I tend to avoid fat books. Because, at my speed, they feel insurmountable. I think I've mentioned before that when I'm reading, I tend to keep track of page numbers. Where I'm up to & how many pages until the end. Fluconazole For Sale, It's because I'm a restless reader, & always looking for the next shiny thing. In my head I keep a list of what I'll read next, & what after that.

With the books I really, really love, I find my reading speed slows down towards the final pages because I don't want to let it go. Very often I find I hit a slump in the middle where the book has been pushed aside for other things & at most I'm catching a few minutes of reading in bed before I fall asleep. It's not a good way to read a book. It's much better to have a holiday by the beach & to take your book with you each morning to sit on the sand, & then to pick your book up again each evening to accompany a nice drink before dinner & to read the entire book within a week with no distractions & with a clear head, Fluconazole For Sale. That's the best way.

I want to like every book I pick up. I want all books to be good. I am very careful with what I _do_ pick up & I work mainly on recommendations because I hate to be disappointed. Fluconazole For Sale, I hate mediocrity. I buy more books than I read & I end up giving unread books away.

I don't like to read books that are smug, or try to outwit me & fail. I _do_ like books that succeed in outwitting me, or that engross me or charm me or stun me or frighten me. In short, I like books that achieve an effect & that can pull me out of my own daydreams to engage me with the author's daydreams instead. I like books that are smart and have style, Fluconazole For Sale. I like good prose that isn't self-conscious or merely workable. I like characters that _do_ something, that give the impression of having a life. I like books that don't bore me.

Good writing no longer makes me feel envious or inferior, like it did when I first started out with my own writing. Good writing, I'm pleased to say, now only inspires me.

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Writing and drilling

“There is no rule on how to write. Sometimes it comes easily and perfectly; sometimes it’s like drilling rock and then blasting it out with charges.” — Ernest Hemingway Of course Hemingway is an excellent writer. *Of course* he’s an influential writer. Possibly THE most influential writer. I can probably …

The Spaces In Between

I was looking for this quote last night when I was thinking about Bill Henson: “The notes I handle no better than many pianists. But the pauses between the notes — ah, that is where the art resides.” — Artur Schnabel, pianist, (1882-1951) I like the idea that art is …