Author, writer, malcontent. Reader, procrastinator, humourist, employee, raconteur, cynic, commentator, introvert,
daydreamer, sceptic, idealist, loner, philosopher, sharp shooter.
… Ok, not sharp shooter.

Deborah Biancotti

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Deborah Biancotti is a writer based in inner-city Sydney, Australia. Her first published story won an Aurealis Award and her first collection, A BOOK OF ENDINGS, was shortlisted for the 2010 William L. Crawford Award for Best First Fantasy Book.

In 2009 her story "Stone by Stone" was performed as part of 'shadowmuse', a Shades theatre production. Also in 2009, Deborah chaired the WFC panel, "Why Steampunk Now?" with Michael Swanwick, Ann Vandermeer, Liz Gorinsky and Nisi Shawl.

Deborah is now working on her first novel, working title BROKEN. She has new fiction coming out in time for the 2010 WorldCon in Melbourne, including a novella set in contemporary Sydney from Gilgamesh Press. She also has an upcoming essay on NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN in TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY GOTHIC. She continues to write short stories and refer to herself as a 'tired idealist'.

Author shot, 2007



Yet it moves. - Galileo (attributed)
Talking about the earth, after his recantation in front of the Inquisition


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