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A Book of Endings cover finalised -- complete with blurbs by Graham Joyce & Rob Shearman! Jul-09

Pale Dark Soldier (Midnight Echo #1) nominated for a DITMAR Award for Best Short Story! May-09

A Book of Endings gets a cover! Artist Nick Stathopoulos demonstrates the range of his talents iin this modern, urban, photo-realistic cover -- a far cry from the oil painted landscapes and portraits he's most famous for! Click here for a larger image. Mar-09

SF Site reviews Clockwork Phoenix 1, & calls The Tailor of Time "Beautifully told, it's filled with rich imagery and interesting concept". Mar-09

Green Man Review reviews Clockwork Phoenix 1, & The Tailor of Time. Feb-09

Tabula Rasa reviews the shades Theatre production, Shadowmuse, featuring Stone by Stone. Feb-09

Twelfth Planet Press announces table of contents for A Book of Endings. Jan-09

Interviewed at Perry Middlemass's LitBlog, Matilda. Dec-08

The Tailor of Time mentioned in a review by The Harrow. Nov-08

Stone by Stone (from Southern Blood) gets a make-over from shades Theatre, in the speculative theatre production shadowmuse, due to run in Feb-09. Oct-08

The Tailor of Time from Clockwork Phoenix #1 is available online at Steampunk Workshop: part 1 & part 2. Sep-08

More reviews for Clockwork Phoenix #1 coming in! Jul-08

An excerpt from The Tailor of Time, published this month by Norilana Press in the Clockwork Phoenix antho available online. Jun-08

Reviews! Updated! 2012 and Clockwork Phoenix (Watertight Lies and The Tailor of Time) positively received. Apr-08

Twelfth Planet Press announces upcoming collection of my short story work! Due in 2009. Click here to read the press release. Feb-08

Stealing Free & Surrender 1: Rope Artist get honourable mentions in the Datlow, Link, Grant Year's Best Fantasy & Horror 2007 edition.

A Scar for Leida (Fantastic Wonder Stories) nominated for an Aurealis Award: Best Young Adult Short Story. Dec-07

World Fantasy Convention 'Aussie SF' promo tour kicks off with an event at the Australian Consulate in NYC, followed by a party at WFC itself. Copyright catalogues are handed out to one and all! Sponsored by CAL, the Australia Council for the Arts & Conflux. Put together by Garth Nix, Jonathan Strahan, Trevor Stafford & myself. Oct-Nov-07

Watertight Lies sells to 2012, by Twelth Planet. Oct-07

Converstions sells to Dog Versus Sandwich. Sept-07

The Dying Light (Eidolon 1) makes it into Year's Best Fantasy & Science Fiction vol. 3 from MirrorDanse Books. Jul-07

Fantastic Wonder Stories (including my story A Scar for Leida) reviewed at ASiF. Apr-07

Surrender 1: Rope Artist nominated for a Ditmar for Best Short Story. Eidolon 1 nominated for Best Collected Work. Mar-07

King of All and the Metal Sentinel online at infinity plus. Mar-07

Stealing Free reviewed at ASiF. Feb-07

Surrender 1: Rope Artist makes it into the Year's Best Australian Dark Fantasy & Horror 2007 anthology from Brimstone Press. Feb-07 (Australian Dark Fantasy and Horror 2006 is reviewed at ASiF. Mar-07)

The Dying Light is nominated for an Australian Shadows Award. Feb-07

A Scar for Leida to be published in Fantastic Wonder Stories from Ticonderoga Press. Jan-07

The Dying Light nominated for an Aurealis Award for Best Short Story in the Young Adult section, 2006. Dec-06

Stone by Stone to be broadcast on the Radio National Short Story programme (and then podcast on the website). More details as they come to hand. Nov-06

Review of Summa Seltzer Missive at ASiF:"a story that is written with such simplicity yet that resonates long afterward" says Mark Deniz. Nov-06

Review of Stealing Free online: 'gorgeous writing', says Kyla Ward. Oct-06

Featured writer at the ASiF forums: Oct 4 to Oct 17. Oct-06

Online now, new reviews of Number 3 Raw Place ('edgy and uncomfortable') and The Dying Light ('a unique foundation for a melancholy, character-centred tale'). Sep-06

Eidolon 1 launched at Continuum, Melbourne. Aug-06

Stealing Free now available as a podcast on Jonathan Strahan's site. Read by Nick Evans in his now-famous brushed whiskey tones and released under a Creative Commons license. Read an excerpt. Jun-06

Stealing Free to be published in Agog! Ripping Reads, published by Cat Sparks and launched at Conflux in June 2006. May-06

Surrender 1: Rope Artist online at Shadowed Realms #9: Redback Special Edition; the edition is reviewed by Oz Horror Scope, which said, "probably the strongest issue of Shadowed Realms published to date." Surrender 1: Rope Artist is called "Beautiful, deadly, precise". Feb-06

Summa Seltzer Missive now online at Ticonderoga Online #6; reviewed by Oz Horror Scope (isn't anyone else doing any reveiwing?;), which called it "quite a fantastical story that resonates a sense of fantasy and euphoria." Feb-06

The Year's Best Australian SF & Fantasy, One continues to garner reviews that find things to love & hate between its covers. In print: Dave Luckett in The West Australian, Nov 21 + Jake Wilson in Australian Book Review, December ('A small fantastic pond'). No mentions of my story there, though I do get a mention in the Ian McHugh review at Strange Horizons online. Excerpt here. Dec-05

Summa Seltzer Missive sold to Ticonderoga Online. Dec-05

Surrender I: Rope Artist confirmed by Shadowed Realms to appear in the upcoming Issue #9: Redback. Dec-05

Mar-06 Australian Speculative Fiction Carnival to be hosted at my blog, March 15 next year. Dec-05

The Year's Best Australian SF & Fantasy, One reviewed by Terry Dowling in The Weekend Australian - read it here. Oct-05

The Distance Keeper reprinted online at infinity plus. Oct-05

The Dying Light purchased by Eidolon Books for Eidolon 1. Sep-05

The Year's Best Australian SF & Fantasy, One (featuring my story Number 3 Raw Place) launched 17 Sept at Infinitas Bookshop, Parramatta. Sep-05

Cinnamon Gate on the Recommended Reading List for The Year's Best Australian SF & Fantasy, One, Sep-05

Cinnamon Gate now being featured in its entirety over at Anna Tambour's Virtuous Medlar Circle! Aug-05

Speculative Literature Foundation announces new Membership Co-Ordinator. That would be me. membership AT speculativeliterature DOT org. Aug-05

Shadowed Realms announces Issue #9: Redback -- "showcasing the hottest female writers of dark fiction in Oz - Susan Wardle, Deborah McDonnell, Lyn Battersby, Kyla Ward, Kirtsyn McDermott, Cat Sparks, Deborah Biancotti, Kaaron Warren, and KJ Bishop". Jul-05

Number 3 Raw Place (apart from being Ditmar-nominated & Honourably Mentioned in Ellen Datlow's Year's Best Fantasy & Horror) will now be appearing in the Congreve/Marquardt Year's Best Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy 2004. May-05

Cinnamon Gate AND Number 3 Raw Place both make it into Ellen Datlow's Recommended Reading list for 2004. Apr-05

I'm interviewed at Ticonderoga Online, Issue #3. Mar-05

Number 3 Raw Place nominated for a Ditmar Award for Best Short Story. Mar-05

Blog. Yes, blog. Jan-05.

Cinnamon Gate (in Orb Speculative Fiction Magazine) reviewed by James Cain in Aurealis Express. Jul-04

Number 3 Raw Place gets mentioned in Ben Payne's Review of Agog! Smashing Stories. Heck, even Robert Stephenson mentions 'Raw' in his review in Aurealis Express. See the Reviews page for more. Jul-04

And don't forget: Conflux 2 set for ANZAC weekend, 2005, in Canberra. I've even gotten around to updating the website. A bit. Jul-04


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