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Lemme just read that again

“This is an original and unusual work whose purpose is to make madness” That’s what I read on the dust jacket flap for THE DIVIDED SELF, R.D. Laing’s first published examination of ‘ontological insecurity’ — the sense for some people that they’re losing themselves, becoming lost in the world. For …

Not a problem

Recently I’ve been having a problem. And that problem is Fiji. Well, to be more precise, that problem is that I agreed last Christmas to go to Fiji this year & now that the time is rolling close, I find I’m really depressed by it. Okay, not depressed. More like …

Watch out for the elbow

Now that editing is done I can return to the myriad open browser tabs I’ve been saving for future reading for months. Most recently, an article on the world’s only poisonous primate: the slow loris. (Who names these things?!) Sez the Herald, Its venom is stored in an elbow patch. …

It’s a spaceship!

My favourite Twitter buddy & source of inspiration? New Scientist. Yesterday they were looking at clouds. Some amazing images there. No wonder we believe in the supernatural. If the world can create ‘accidental’ images like this, it’s very confusing… Follow @deborah_b