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What I’m doing lately: Too much, & none of it translates to interesting LJ content

I was composing an entirely different entry in my head, but it’s 1:26am & way too late to be getting into what I was going to be waffling about. I only mention it here because my composition began like this: I’m born –.

It was then I realised how late it was. ‘I’m born’. Good work, authorgrrrl. Because actually it was the confusion of two phrases wanting to come out of my head at the same time: ‘I’m torn’ & ‘I’m blocked’. Naturally my instinctive efficiency made me go with ‘born’. Next I will be either sleesting or reeping, depending which neurons hit the finishing line first.

Sometimes I’m surprised they let me have a keyboard.

Meantime, could whoever it is that did Kelly Osbourne‘s recent photo shoot please leave a message here. ‘Cos she looks fabulous. Also, she looks not like her. You & me, we can talk.

I wonder what it would be like to not look like yourself. I wonder if it’s a bit like ‘Hey, Ted, yeah, well, you know, I haven’t been myself lately. See?’

Also from joshrubin_feed, I have decided next time I backpack around Europe, I shall do it in one of these, & I shall call it backpodding. Or, podpacking, I’m not sure. I’m born.