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Tall glass of water

Typing has been slowed at chateau deborahb owing to an altercation with a glass of cold water over the weekend. It’s hard to say who won. Me, I ended up with five stitches in my wrist (& post-traumatic flashbacks to the moment I thought I was dead). The glass of water, however, wound up in several dozen shards which were ultimately, with great care, transferred to the bin.

I’m still not *actually* sure what happened, but the logic part of my brain suggests perhaps the water, being very cold, weakened the glass, which wasn’t as cold, & the whole thing cascaded into a dramatic blood-fuelled incident in which my wrist was in the wrong place at the very wrong time. 4.5 hours of waiting in Emergency (now there’s a story), .5 hours of treatment, & around .75 hours in the middle of the night cleaning up the stained kitchen (as the bf said, “It looks like somebody got murdered in here.”), I am largely on the mend.

Regular programming will return forthwith.

In the meantime, check out A Night of Horror on this week in Sydney.


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