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Lost & found

A moment of early-morning panic today when I couldn’t find my marvellous new phone (with the camera) — currently the only item I really love.

But then I remembered: it was plugged into my computer. (What’s next, wireless technology?!)

Max Brenner, Margaret St, Sydney

So I’ll still be able to take it on my daily adventures to places like the Max Brenner chocolate shop near Wynyard Station. Funny thing about Brenner: I’m addicted to their hot milk chocolates. Despite not even being much of a chocolate-lover. I’ve even tried the Italian style, the hot Danish caramel hot chocolate, the hot chocolate with the crunchy waffle balls. I haven’t yet met one I haven’t liked (though the regular ‘hot milk chocolate’ is still the best. Or maybe the Italian …)

Other funny thing about Max Brenner: the smell of the shop. It’s not what you’d expect. It doesn’t smell of chocolate. It smells distinctively of new plastic toys that have just been unwrapped.

Weird, right?