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Women in Music Month

I’ve talked about music before (usually to say, ‘I don’t know much about music’), but in honour of Women in Music month, I thought it time to talk some more!

So I’m going to mention Deborah Conway as a musical hero. Not only because she is a fabulous musical talent, but also because she founded the Broad Festival, which is itself a celebration of Australian women singers & musicians. She’s awesome for her folksy, raw music, her gigantic grin, and her lyrics. Amongst some of my favourites are lines like:

Somewhere between the swamp and the mountain
Somewhere between sex and fear
Somewhere between God and the devil passion lurks
The way there is sudden the way back is worse
— Deborah Conway, For All the Wrong Reasons

And then there’s songs with titles such as ‘Will You Miss Me When You’re Sober’ and ‘Alive and Brilliant’: gorgeous, raunchy, suggestive, strong, luscious songs.

I’ve tried to play it open-handed
I’ve tried to make a fist of this
Even when the questions are candid
My arrows miss
I’ve heard about your fragile ego
Your shield, your sword
What am I expected to do!?
Shout Man Overboard!
— Do-Re-Mi, Man Overboard

And here’s something you might’ve thought you’d never see: two of Australian’s gutsiest singers performing Love Hurts.