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An update!

Firstly, my program items for Continuum include just one confirmed very cool, event:

Reading with Sean Williams!
Sunday 2.00pm Sun Sphere

Yes, reading WITH Sean, who graciously agreed to my cunning plan to avoid reading my own stuff.

The idea was planted in my head years back by Simon Brown, who listened sympathetically to my comment that I don’t like reading my own stuff. Simon said, ‘Next time we’re both at the same con, let’s swap.’ And then he fled to Thailand.

So, filled with a sense of uneasy duty re. the promoting of my first book, A Book of Endings, I approached the ever-gracious Mr Williams with the inherited plan and he, graciously, agreed! Which means Sunday from 2pm, he’ll be reading some of my stuff & I’ll be reading some of his, & we might swap back & forth or whatever fits in with the timeslot(s).

There is another unconfirmed event, of course, which is the launch of A Book of Endings (now available for pre-order) by the eminent Jonathan Strahan. This is the rogue, off-campus, programme-defying plan to have a glass of champagne to celebrate the fact the book is (hopefully!) printed and available for sale. But if it’s NOT printed or for sale, there will still be champagne, although we may all have to buy our own ‘cos the publisher will be in tears. (We shall buy drinks for the publisher, too, in that event.)

We DID have one of your standard programmed launches, but for various reasons that timeslot didn’t work out* & the programmers have been very accommodating in letting us do some kinda rebellious off-grid whatever-we-want thing instead. We don’t yet understand what that thing is because we are miles away from Melbourne, but we need a venue within very, very short stumbling distance who’d accommodate us for an hour probably on Saturday at 5:30pm. Perhaps we shall even do a launch-&-run, by turning up in a bar, ordering drinks, sending up a rousing cheer, & then running like hell before the owners of the establishment work out what in god’s name we’re doing there.

And once we have THAT plan in hand — whatever it is– by god, there’ll be a celebration!

* The chaos of the launch does not phase me. Once we decided to go with the title, A Book of Endings (now available for pre-order), a whole bunch of things turned upside-down & so it is only to be expected that crazy, arse-about stuff is gonna happen with this book from woe to go. Or, go to woe, whichever is set to happen last…**
** Plans for the Sydney launch of A Book of Endings (now available for pre-order), however, are tracking well. Keep 3pm Saturday 10 October free for a launch by the awesome Garth Nix!