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Spring in the step

Spring is a crazy time. Not just because of odd things like dust storms, but also because spring is when I want to do EVERYTHING at once. I want to write and read and paint and sing and watch great cinema and scour my brain of all the ideas it has spinning around inside.

Today the air is crystal clear again, sky is blue, the ‘red menace’ (as the media is calling it) has retreated & if it wasn’t for the photos, you’d swear it never happened. Flickr has an entire project dedicated to yesterday in Sydney: it’s called the Red Sydney Project, unsurprisingly. Some of my photos are there, too. And members of the Red Sydney Project have been asked to contribute to a print-on-demand project called Dust Storm. As you see, we in Sydney are obsessed with the whole red dust event.

And, of course, we still have the dust. Anything that was outside yesterday is now covered in a layer of red dust. Apparently car wash firms are having a field day.

But none of this is what I wanted to discuss today. I wanted to say that due to an unforeseen double-booking, Garth Nix won’t be able to make the Sydney launch of A Book of Endings on Saturday 10-October. Garth is a tough act to follow, of course, and with his absence the question became, ‘what brave, thoughtful soul will step unto the breach? what noble, wise, etc?’

But in excellent news, Margo Lanagan has promised to don the mantle — or the cape, as it were (I haven’t told her about that bit) — for the role of ‘making me look good to my family’. Margo promises my fam will be impressed. Though there was an element of ‘mwhahahahaa’ to her words, I’m pretty sure.

A Book of Endings. Launching Saturday 10-October, 3pm at NG Gallery, Little Queen St, Chippendale. Now with extra Margo Lanagan!