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The weight of the chain mail bikini

Now & then I’m surprised out of my jadedness. Like when someone taps me on my feminist sensibility & asks me how responsible I’m being.

And I wonder: hell, how responsible AM I being?!

In SF and fantasy are we creating female characters who are restrained by the gender limitations of our own society? What do you think?
— via madgeniusclub

As inspired by THIS awesome post:

Let us think of the Question of Harry Potter. I do not mean to bag on the character of Harry Potter: I am very fond of him.

But I think people would be less fond of him if he was Harriet Potter. If he was a girl, and she’d had a sad childhood but risen above it, and she’d found fast friends, and been naturally talented at her school’s only important sport, and saved the day at least seven times. If she’d had most of the boys in the series fancy her, and mention made of boys following her around admiring her. If the only talent she didn’t have was dismissed by her guy friend who did have it. If she was often told by people of her numerous awesome qualities, and was in fact Chosen by Fate to be awesome.

Well, then she’d be just like Harry Potter, but a girl. But I don’t think people would like her as much.
— via sarahtales

Now, someone, please. Go write that book!