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Well, that’s kinda cool

Look at that, two of the new stories from A Book of Endings (now available, etc) are on the nomination list for the British SF Awards. Woot! *Not* the shortlist, I hasten to add. It simply means, I think, that some kind member(s) of the British SF Association has (er, have) nominated ‘Diamond Shell’ and ‘Problems of Light and Dark’ for best short story — putting me in the same list as Cat Valente, Peter Watts, Bruce Sterling & Eugie Foster, to name a few.

NOT a shortlist: let’s not go overboard.

But as fuel for my ongoing love affair with the British, this is cool. I am much cheered, & find myself wanting to use such archetypal British phrases as ‘geezer’ and ‘hows yer farva’, and to name my firstborn Ebenezer, which I think is a British name.

If you are a kind British person &/or a member of BSFA & you’d like to read these stories, feel free to drop me a line (deborahb AT livejournal DOT com) & I will cheerfully — very cheerfully — forward you an electronic copy of said stories. I may get a bit carried away & send you more than those two, but you’ll at least get those two stories & you can read ’em or use ’em for your electronic bird cages as is your wont.

Go to it, kind British people!

Edit: someone mentioned they couldn’t get through on that email address. I tested it & didn’t get a bounce message, but I didn’t get the test message either! Instead, then, try rous AT deborahbiancotti DOT net for all your correspondence needs.