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She’s heee-re

Yes, she arrived safely in the PO Box last week, and she’s gorgeous:

Aust Shadows Award 2010

She sure could do with a sandwich, though. The camera batteries died before I could work out how to re-dress her (not that the scythe & the horned cape aren’t resplendent), but rest assured it’s a-coming!

In other news, very chuffed to see Diamond Shell make it into the Prime Year’s Best Dark Fantasy & Horror, edited by Paula Guran! Yes, there’s my name between Bear & Black (can’t wait to read Coldest Girl in Cold Town again). Also got a Lanagan & a Link & wow, a bunch of pretty fabulous authors. I’m pleased as all hell, frankly.

Also on interwebs, tastemaker Tansy Rayner Roberts admits she didn’t actually get around to reading A Book of Endings before (it’s all in the purchasing, people, you don’t have to actually READ it), but now she has, & she’s made some very flattering comments. Which includes a description of reading A Book of Endings as calming. Calming! You heard it here first. Or, there first, because I’m a few days behind.

See? I am calming. Not depressing at all.

(If I could afford it, I would employ Tansy to do ALL my marketing.)

And finally, A Book of Endings first editions are not long for this world, with stocks running low. Do you REALLY want to wait for copies to turn up on eBay?