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In preparation for Melbourne Writers’ Festival

… and with the generous assistance of Twelfth Planet Press’s resident designer, Amanda Rainey, I made bookmarks.

Bad Power in a bookmark

If you’d like a bookmark of your very own – and I can’t blame you, they’re adorable – make sure you come to the Twelfth Planet launch Sunday 26th August, 5:30pm at the Yarra Building, Federation Square, Melbourne. Go on, use your power for good!


2 responses to “In preparation for Melbourne Writers’ Festival”

  1. Those bookmarks look great, I would love one but since we are so far away I’ll settle for admiring them from distance :) I hate my postal service even more now, but I do hope that soon I’ll be able to get my hands on a physical copy of “Bad Power” too.

  2. I’d offer to send you some, but I, too, worry about the postal service now. :( Though perhaps they wouldn’t steal an ordinary-looking envelope…?