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My spam count tells me…

Which is weird, because I really like France and I didn’t figure French people for being big spammers.

Heck, I studied French at high school. Not to any particular level of proficiency, mind you. Mainly because I loved the idea of escaping suburban Oz to live in Europe, and France seemed like an excellent place to do that. Also, it was one of the only two languages on offer (the other was German). Apart from English, of course, and it seemed like a good place to start.

Plus, like most of the Twitterverse, I’ve recently been following the threads of one R.S. Archer, who’s been providing a very French perspective on Brexit. Or, more specifically, a French perspective on his British neighbours, who are disheartened to learn that Brexit means their plans to retire to their holiday house in France have been, well, Brexited.

Aren’t people strange?

Archer (not his real name) has even updated his author shot lately. Apparently he writes under a nom de plume, and some astute readers spotted that his photo was from a gallery of free images. Apparently he’s decided to celebrate the ‘outing’ by giving himself a tux and a new face.

He’s also admitted that though he may be exaggerating the shenanigans of his neighbours, he’s not making them up entirely. Which is either reassuring or not reassuring at all, depending on your perspective.

There are too many threads in the history for me to pull them all out, but here’s a good one.

Sidebar: isn’t the internet great?

Feels weird to be blogging again. I mainly started this just to see how the controls worked on the new WordPress theme. But turns out, it’s kinda enjoyable.

Tuesday 14 July 2020