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Tag: conflux

  • Conflux 2011

    Is there anyone out there who is or might be involved with next year’s Conflux? Would you mind emailing me at deborahb AT livejournal DOT com? Tah! Edit: got it, thanks. :)

  • Confluxing

    While I think of it, I’ll partly be at Conflux this weekend, but have only signed up for the Mass Book Signing so far (in case anyone wants A Book of Endings signed! I mean, remember: they’re easier to eBay without the signature, right?). Working part-time has limited my financial ability to partake of cons…

  • Achievements in Literacy

    chrisbarnes was right: Partially Clips is funny. http://www.partiallyclips.com/pages/archive.php?id=1303&b=1&c=1 In other news, I have signed up for a couple of panels at Conflux2 (Conflux Redux to its friends). I have no idea why I’ve done this. I thought I’d sworn off panels. Curse you, Donna Hanson, for outwitting me by producing a really, really enticing programme.…