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Spring Cleaning 101, Lesson 1

Your collection of novelty erasers from first grade is not considered to be a critical possession. Select only the finest pieces to keep and throw the rest away.

Unless, that is, your ‘collection’ consists of just three (3) erasers. Reasons for this may include, but are not limited to:

i) an absence of pocket-money as a child;
ii) a sense that the grown-ups around you had priorities other than supplying you with erasers you clearly didn’t use, &;
iii) a nature* that was at odds with obsessive collecting of useless items.

If such is the case, and you come across three (3) erasers in a box and you’re wondering if you’re really foolishly sentimental enough to keep them, oh, heck, just keep them. They don’t take up much room.

* This nature may have been described as ‘easy-going’, ‘affable’, ‘kind of oblivious to the events around her’, and ‘a bit of a daydreamer’.