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The best thing to do with good advice is pass it on — & fast, like a hot potato

One of my favourite places to hang out online (apart from, naturally, here) is McSweeney’s, & I strongly urge you to visit them today, where you will find a very useful & relevant piece entitled:

In Regard to Surviving in a World With James Caan

(http://www.mcsweeneys.net/2005/1/17kirkbride.html — I would put the link neatly into the title above, but the coding appears not to be working since the Great January LJ Outage).

It features this classic stanza:

Do not make unnecessary eye contact with James Caan.
Any and all glances, much less stares, at the Rollerball
star should be avoided at all costs. For your sake. James
Caan is more than some mere tough-guy actor. Much
like his character in The Killer Elite, he can take down
ninjas. NINJAS. Imagine what he could do to you if you
got on his bad side.

Recommendations of other places to visit during this ‘fallow period’ at work will be gratefully considered. I have exhausted my supplies.