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Because I could not stop for Death, he kindly stopped for me

Because I needed things from the hardware store, I went to the hardware store. And then the bookshop.

Why? I had no need of things from the bookshop. What I needed was a litre of exterior paint in the shade of Moonglow, & a couple of those sponges that are also sanding paper. (They’re washable, apparently. Dude, I will not be washing my sanding-sponge-dooverlackies.) And that is exactly what I returned with.

And also some books.

Books! I did not need stupid books! I can’t possibly read all the books I have.

I never go into bookshops. There are too many books there, & who needs stupid books? I don’t.

I bought several. My favourite is called THREE DOLLARS by Elliot Perlman. It is my favourite because it is such an ironic title. I paid way more than that. I bought it because the Times Literary Supplement (UK) said THREE DOLLARS is “A sad, angry, disconcertingly funny reflection of the way we live now.” Also, the back cover has the words ‘grim’, ‘pitiless’ and ‘downsizing’. Also ‘sense of humour’. I am intrigued.

I hope it’s funny.