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What is the inverse of Murphy’s Law?

And just like that it was over, and all the fussing & working & unhappy phone calls to the support line and the arrival of technicians & more fussing, much, much more fussing, didn’t seem to have made a speck of difference.

But suddenly, after the phone calls and the frustration and the superstition and the silence — mainly, it must be said, after the silence — after it was attempted and failed and hoped for and failed and wished/ached/prayed for and failed. After all of that, there it was.

And it was so welcomed, so wanted, so prone to disappear again without leave or explanation, that it was allowed to exist just as it was, in its unexpected perfections and delightful tarnishes and quirky flaws and strange curiosities serving nothing and no one, for many hours. Many more hours than were responsible for the ones who had to get up in the morning and leave and go to work and WORK at work. But the hours were given freely, & none were resented because despite the predictions and advice of the technicians and the support line, who said, no, never again, never will you have this thing (without spending a hundred dollars or more) — despite it all, all of it, the internet was, quite simply, back.

And curiously, the brain that had been teeming with ideas in the days of silence and darkness, was sated. And quiet. And not, it must be said, quite satisfied with the trade.