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I have seen my future. In it, I wear the same shoes.

I’m in town today with my friend K. & she points out that there’s a homeless guy ahead of us who seems to be partying on pretty fiercely.

“Gee, he’s having a good time, eh?” she says, as the bum starts ranting & singing & rumaging through a bin & singing & ranting some more.

So I say, “My god, I have those same shoes.”

And it was true: the bum was wearing the same levi sneakers I got on special for $50 last year. I mean, I knew they were ‘last season’, but … really … Anyway, sneakers on a Monday? How gauche.

K. took a break from laughing at me long enough to say, “Ripped off!” while I spent several minutes checking out what the hell else that bum was wearing that might be in my wardrobe.

Fortunately, nothing. I don’t think.

I tell yer, we’re all just a hop, skip & a jump away from living on the streets. Fortunately, we may still possess quality footwear*.

In other news, here’s a random fact about Vin Diesel:

>If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around…Vin still hears it.


And finally, an interesting amalgamation of my interests:


(Vampires and hockey … and … the ocean … well, I sorta have an interest in the ocean, sure.)

* Actually, you couldn’t skip in those shoes — they’re really loose & they slide about like slippers. I fell over in them once, right in the middle of crossing the road. Dang sneaker just slid right around my foot.