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chork — v. (chork) — to make the sound shoes make with water in them.

(Thanks, capnoblivious.)

And BTW, I LOVE this weather. I hadn’t even noticed the absence of rain in Sydney until the news reports started blah blah blahing about water restrictions, but now that classic Sydney rain is back, I’ve realised how much I’ve missed it. It rains as though it will never stop, as though there’s an ocean upsidedown in the sky.

I do not like shoes with water in them, however. I am wearing boots.

Lots of interesting ideas in Sydney this upcoming month at Sydney Talks.

‘Convictions: Art from Long Bay Prison 1986-2005’ along with ‘Criminal Psychology’ with Dr John Clarke. A ‘Festival of Jewish Learning’ alongside ‘Christian Belief’ — a talk by Professor Richard Swinburne (who “presents his controversial thesis that it is 97% likely that Jesus rose from the dead” — as opposed to 100% or 0%, I suppose). Then Philosopher Gerry Nolan asks ‘Do you Exist in the Uncertainty Loophole?’

“What then, is the nature of space and why does it exist at all?”

Plus politics, science, author talks, and the rest.

Yup. Winter in Sydney. *yawn* I’ll probably just spend July sleeping, anyhow.