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  • I’m actually updating my website

    I’m updating my site! It’s been sooooo long since I’ve updated my site, I’ve almost forgotten how. If you find anything on the site that’s weird, wrong, or inadvertently funny, would you mind contacting me to let me know? I think the contact page still works. In the meantime, I’m mostly on Twitter. I’ve also…

  • Testing

    Today is Writing Day at chateau deborahb. Many days are writing days, but this is the official writing day, as it is a day I have bought from my f/t employment specifically to be alone & write. It is, then, my favourite day of the week. Today I am playing hooky from my regular writing…

  • Chocolate Friday

    Today I had a chocolate bar. Which is not of interest in & of itself, except with relation to the fact that I rarely eat chocolate bars & don’t even remember the last time I ate a chocolate bar or what that chocolate bar might’ve been. But today I was tired enough that the charity…

  • Big

    Hahaha, this Skribit business is already paying off, with a new suggestion received at other.blog today (thanks, Liz!). So: up next (soon-ish) will be Albert Camus. But first: Australia is BIG, people! See, I told you.

  • lj betrays me

    I’ve fallen victim to the no-emails-on-comments thing on livejournal. So if you’ve commented against my posts/comments & I haven’t responded, it’s because I didn’t get the memo. Sorry ’bout that.

  • Hey, I’ve worked for this place

    Ah, Dilbert. Font of all wisdom.

  • Sworling, swirling and whorling

    Why isn’t there more use of the word ‘sworl’? (Yes, these are the questions that obsess writers.) I thought it was reasonably common, but several searches of the online dictionaries reveal two things: a) it’s not reasonably common, & b) the only online Australian dictionary I could find charges a subscription fee. Consequently I am…

  • And not a moment too soon

    I have updated my website! A cobbler’s children are always the last to have new shoes, & seeing as I used to make websites, naturally I had a bulk of day-job distaste for the idea of re-designing my own site. But once I installed the WordPress blog, I realised a new design had to go…

  • tested

    Another test! (Yes, everybody passes.)

  • Crucial poll at metaquotes

    You should go there & vote because otherwise Pirates will win. Ridiculous! http://www.livejournal.com/community/metaquotes/3762364.html