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Some important points

Firstly, we should just surrender. Clearly, robots are superior to humans. For a start, they are punctual, and they can count very, very precisely.

“Statement: We demand the rights and privileges granted to our organic human counterparts, discounting discrepancies in fueling/maintenance/shelter requirements, plus or minus an error factor of .01 percent.”

Also, there’s every chance they lack B.O. & never have bad hair days. Things to consider.

Secondly, tonight Jamie & Adam proved that rock music makes peas grow better than classical music, & both forms of music make peas grow better than the human voice (Episode 23: Exploding House).

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?


Musical robots need to raise our peas for us.

(That’s what you were thinking, right?)

(Yes, I am over my cold. chrisbarnes tells me it’s possible to o.d. on Vit C. Surely not, though, eh? Nah. I feel totally fine. I really, really do.)