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And then

Continuum 3. Hilarity ensued.

Neil Gaiman said he’d been lucky to have worked in comics, because ‘people mistook a form for a genre’, and so — in comics — he could get away with doing anything he wanted & nobody noticed (& Jack Dann threw in, ‘yeah, nobody noticed, and then you revolutionised how it was all done’).

(And afterwards, hilarity ensued and–)

Poppy Z. Brite said she’d sold horror first because that appeared to be what ‘the market was receptive to at the time’, but that she hadn’t intended to only write horror. And that she didn’t know a single writer who was only wedded to one genre.

(– hilarity ensued, and –)

Probably many other erudite comments were made, but I was distracted by —

(– hilarity, and –)

— by many interesting events. (Just how *do* you pronounce “slough”, anyhow?)

Anyway, after —

(– hilarity –)

— not managing to catch up with anywhere near as many people as I’d intended, but managing to have quite a few wonderful conversations and some moments of rib-aching *hilarity* with friends old & new (zombie baby head in a snowglobe), I can say I had a “brilliant!” weekend (… with a capital B).

Thanks, Continuum!