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Shadowed Realms

Shadowed Realms, which is a classy & stylish dark flash fiction e-zine, is doing an issue for the grrls, & they’ve invited me to take part. I am chuffed.

I went looking for something to link to on their site (to prove I wasn’t making it up) but found only this over on Shane Jiraiya Cumming’s blog:

Redback issue #9 – Shadowed Realms showcasing the hottest female writers of dark fiction in Oz – Susan Wardle, Deborah McDonnell, Lyn Battersby, Kyla Ward, Kirtsyn McDermott, Cat Sparks, Deborah Biancotti, Kaaron Warren, and KJ Bishop.

I’ve never quite been invited to something before where the authors are actually announced before the stories are accepted. I wonder what happens if I write something really crummy. There must be some kind of industry euphemism for ‘rejected’ if you’ve already been publicly launched.

You know, like the way when a celebrity gets checked into hospital claiming to be suffering from ‘fatigue’, it actually means they tried to top themselves.

Tangentially, I wonder what they say if they’re just really, really tired.

Hey, what if it turns out ‘rehab’ is a euphemism? What the hell would _that_ be euphemistic for? …

Please, nobody answer that. Please.