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Burning Man Just Got Safer

Which is good, because strangedave & doctor_k_ will be there this year.

Hinkamp, who works as a Burning Man volunteer, said he was riding his bike away from the crowd gathered for the torching of the tall wooden sculpture that marks the festival when he saw the clown coming toward him.

“He pushed me over and the way I caught myself, I broke my arm,” Hinkamp said. As he struggled to stand, the clown punched him in the face and kicked him several times, he said.

The clown rode off on the bike and Hinkamp was helped to the medical tent, he said. Once back in Utah, he was diagnosed with a radial head fracture and underwent surgery. He ended up with two plates and 13 screws in his arm, Graham said.

That is one scary clown.

Via bestweekever.