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Good news, and a reminder to watch my mouth

Anna Tambour is one of those people with verve & smarts.

I spent quality time at Conflux sitting on the floor with Anna & Rjurik Davidson, swapping yarns & ideas & having one of those discussions that makes absolute amounts of *perfect sense* at the time, but which later is only remembered as energetic & passionate & full of ‘yes’ and ‘I so know what you mean’ moments. How nourishing it is to meet people who, when you’re not busy agreeing with them, you’re learning from them.

Anna had already accosted me at the opening cocktail party & said without ceremony that she felt I needed more stories online. Online is where it’s at. What’s with having *excerpts* of stories when what you need is the full story, she said.

She was right, too, & I knew it, & had only been thinking it myself in the weeks prior.

Recognising instantly that Anna would be a crucial catalyst, I quizzed her without remorse, figuring to acquire all her ideas as fast as I could. Still, she was faster, and now she’s asked if she can reprint my story, Cinnamon Gate, in The Virtuous Medlar Circle at her site. Naturally I have said yes.

Of the stories in the Circle, Anna says, “This story is part of a series of invited pieces by people I find deliciously inspiring, always a hoot, and who write like a bletted medlar tastes. – A.T.”

I am quite proud to be included in such a group! And can assure you that, even if my own story is not to your liking, there are plenty of other textual delights to be had on Anna’s site. You will not leave wanting.

Here is the story, which was originally published by Orb after being thoroughly edited by another woman of verve & smarts, editor Sarah Endacott. Sarah turns editing into a full contact sport, & this story owes much of its strength to her — & all of its weaknesses to my own pig-headedness.

And please ignore my off-the-cuff response to Anna’s comment on my bio at the very bottom of the page. I had no idea she was actually going to quote me, but once she claimed my words, I couldn’t spoil her fun by retracting them. :)