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Still here

I am not at WorldCon in Glasgow.

I am here. At home. Doing nothing much of interest.

I am here, waiting for benpayne to start blogging AS IF he is at WorldCon in Glasgow, even though I know he isn’t. I am waiting to hear more adventures of his made-up heroes, Brad & Angelina. They so funny!

I watched WICKERMAN tonight, a 1973 horror film with Edward Woodward playing an uptight cop looking for a missing girl on a remote Scottish island occupied by a bunch of sexually obsessed pagans who live amid apple blossoms. (*pause for breath*)

It was … weird. And creepy. Especially the 1970s folk music. Mother of GOD, can that music be legal anywhere in the world? Also, there was morris dancing. And Christopher Lee singing. And Britt Eckland dancing nude. That may not *sound* creepy, but if you’d seen Britt dance like we saw Britt dance, you, too, would be creeped out right now.

V. kept saying, ‘What is WITH the DANCING?!’
P. apologised with ‘Look, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen it, OK? I thought it was scary.’

In the end, though, with the dancing far behind us, P. was right. The scary crept up on us, & then the scary slapped us in the face. Then the scary rocked on its heels in front of us, laughing & laughing.

And then one of us said, ‘If that were me, & they were playing that fucking music, I’d wanna die faster.’