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Writers talk shop

docbrite makes some nice comments about writing rules here and here.

I particularly like: “In light of all the recent discussion about “self-indulgence” in fiction writing, I have decided I believe self-indulgent writing is generally of a higher quality, more enjoyable to read, and likelier to touch a chord in readers’ hearts than non-self-indulgent writing. It surprises me not at all that most of the people complaining about “self-indulgence” seem to be unpublished writers. I think they’d have a better chance of becoming published writers if they indulged themselves a little rather than diligently doing the things they were taught to do and avoiding the things they were taught not to do in all those writing classes. That’s one of the ways you develop a voice.”

Jeff Vandermeer (what? no lj feed? what the? [Edit: ninebelow points out feed at vanderworld. Thnx!]) talks about the opportunity to be a full-time writer, & denies its usefulness.

“And I’ve learned another thing–I don’t ever want to be beholden to an outside source regarding what I write about. So I don’t have any desire to be in a position where I’m so dependent on my fiction writing income that I lose a certain amount of leverage. You will not see me cranking out a novel to make sure I get money when I need it. I’m not saying doing so in not admirable and that it doesn’t work for others who can create really good fiction that way. But it doesn’t work for me and I don’t want to be in that position. Ever.”

I’ve had this conversation plenty of times before, & pretty much always wound up in the position Mr Vandermeer espouses here. I, too, value my independence.

Also, there are a million irritations associated with day jobs that make them a marvellous source of inspiration & motivation. ;) Without that daily reminder of life’s injustices like an itch under the skin, why, I may stop creating altogether. Or perhaps I’d just become so darn happy that all I’d write about would be pixies & fairies & living in a world made entirely of cake & ice cream!

And nobody wants to read that shit.