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It’s been brought to my attention (hiya Ellen!) that if you’re using the Back & Next buttons to read posts on this blog, you will occasionally be told the upcoming post is protected & therefore unavailable until you log into LJ. Which, obviously, not everyone in the world can do. I just wanted to assure anyone who’s utilising this method of navigation that the posts you’re missing do not contain my usual erudite & witty observations on life, nor are they home to opinions of the kind ‘did you read what that idiot said in the comments to my last post? what an IDIOT!’ No, no. In fact, what you’ve missed is discovering that, were I a classic dame, I would be Barbara Stanwyck, & were I a disease I would be caused by monkies. I hide these posts away because I suspect most of you just aren’t that interested.

In other news, my story, The Distance Keeper, originally published in Borderlands #1 (aka ‘the best-least-promoted Oz zine starting with a b’) is being reprinted next month on infinity plus. I am really, really chuffed by this, because I have a suspicion NOBODY IN THE WORLD HAS READ IT EXCEPT ME AND THE EDITORS OF BORDERLANDS. I really like Borderlands. They publish good stories, they print really cool looking covers (check out the latest one — it’s cool), and the magazine is quite thin. You know what this means? Less reading. That’s right. It’s lovely. Borderlands arrives & I actually sit down & read it that day. Because it looks cool, & it’s thin.

Not that there’s anything wrong with fat. That can be good. But if you take too long to read a fat book, the covers get bent & anyway they’re heavier on the wrists. Also, I’m just easily distracted.

Personally, I think more people should read Borderlands. This may put me at odds with its shrewd anti-marketing marketing campaign, but I can be quite contrary that way. I would go so far as to recommend subscribing to Borderlands, not only for all the good reasons mentioned above, but also because I think you’ll surprise the hell out of the editors.

(No, I get no payments or even cred from anyone for taking back-handed swipes at magazine editors, it’s just something I like to do now & then out of the goodness of my heart.)

Naturally I’ll be sure to mention The Distance Keeper again when it’s online. Meanwhile, once you’re done subscribing to the best-least-promoted Oz zine starting with a b, you can read an excerpt from the story on my site. If you hate excerpts (that’s cool, some people do), then skip that & check out streetmattress.com!