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And not a moment too soon

I have updated my website! A cobbler’s children are always the last to have new shoes, & seeing as I used to make websites, naturally I had a bulk of day-job distaste for the idea of re-designing my own site.

But once I installed the WordPress blog, I realised a new design had to go along with it. So I messed about worked on a new design to go with the WordPress theme I’d chosen, Elegant Grunge by Michael Tyson.

And before I even had time to update my website, Elegant Grunge itself had been updated & now the two things don’t match anymore.

Of course, it did take me about 4 months to get the website up. Can’t really complain.

And so, this bit is really just a test to see how WP works & how it works with LJ, & so on.

Me: “What do you call the people who make shoes, again?”
Friend: “It’s not a cobbler, is it?”
Me: “Yes! It is a cobbler.”
Friend: “OK, because for a second there I thought cobblers were only those people who set up in the streets.”
Me: “No, no. They’re called prostitutes.”