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Gilgamesh as rooster

Dipping into the internet to go over the stories of Gilgamesh & Ishtar (for the 2010 Gilgamesh Press 3-novella publication by Red Hot Bad), I came across this piece of weirdness: The Goat Rope’s review of Gilgamesh in a week, as represented by household animals. Scroll past the ‘canine film critic’s review of The Godfather’ to find it. At the beginning of the epic is a picture of Gilgamesh represented by a rooster called Stewpot. Which seems a little cruel. Also, how tasty *is* stewed rooster? I wonder.

In the psot where Ishtar comes to court (and then attempt to kill) Gilgamesh is a provocative picture of a goat resting its forelegs on a chopping block.

Which is so-many-ways of wrong that my brain fritzed.