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In my (new & ongoing) obsession with book production, I’m interested to find out about this publishing house via Jeff VanderMeer’s blog: Write Bloody Publishing. They proclaim: “We are proud of our unique style by utilizing modern painters, photographers and rock album designers for all our book cover art.

Of course, they publish only American authors, so my interest is purely academic. But what a great idea, book covers like rock albums! C’mon, let’s storm those parapets, eh?!

Head over to check out some charming objets de la littérature. You can even take a peek inside & read some of the text, if titles such as “Cast Your Eyes Like Riverstones Into the Exquisite Dark: A Book of Night Poems” (Danny Sherrard) take yer fancy.

In other news, I’m planning a Sydney launch for A Book of Endings. Will keep you posted. Plans so far sound kinda cool, if I do say so myself.