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Red wall, drying

Sydney’s cold, wet weather caused some headaches for the recent home improvements at casa deborahb: most notably for the loungeroom, where the final wall of the house refused to dry. Here it is under a fan, as per the instructions of the army of Ukrainian painters:

Red Wall, Drying

I nickname this photo, ‘Ah-choo‘.

The paint peeled off like strips of sunburnt skin, and the wall had to be re-plastered twice. The painters, I think, blame the plasterers. The plasterers were idiots, so I haven’t asked them to come back & account for themselves.

I wanted to get a photo of the Ukrainians in front of the wall, but they had this habit of sneaking in & out silently, painting as if their lives depended on it, & speaking little english. It was kinda like being haunted.

The house is painted now, the wall is dry, & the belongings have started to drift back into the loungeroom. One of the first objects to re-emerge: my bf’s toy Millennium Falcon.

And, of course, the liquor.