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Edited out

*Apparently* — and I don’t quite believe it — editing is completed on A Book of Endings.

I am heartily sick of everything I’ve ever written.

On the plus side, nice to know I can endure a rapid editing phase (I remember Karen Miller telling the story of her worldcon adventure one year where she spent the weekend in her hotel room editing an entire novel in 3 days. This is clearly the gold standard of professional writing!).

I have to admit, though, that I no longer know what those 6 new stories in the book actually are, what they’re about, or why I wrote them in the first place! (If anyone ever reads this collection, perhaps they could let me know the answers to the first 2 questions. The final answer may be lost in the fog of history.)

But what I’m most impressed with & grateful for is what *other* people are doing for this project. Just one f’instance out of the army of people working on, helping with & supporting this project: Graham Joyce took time out of a busy schedule right before going on leave to give me this charming cover blurb:

“Deborah Biancotti’s superb collection of short stories reminds me of the engaging work of Robert Aickman. She is a damned fine storyteller and her sheer originality, zest, energy and style fill the dark skyline of the modern world with luminous flares of mysterious force.”

It takes a village to write a book, & I’m blessed to be part of this one.