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Water and dust

Apparently California is in the middle of a drought. Not as bad as the Australian one, apparently: we are increasingly unable to grow rice. This is a logical conclusion I hadn’t really considered. Unable to grow rice? What the.

Then again, perhaps we’ll be able to grow rice in the Arctic soon enough.

Water is one of those fascinating (frightening) aspects of climate change. I hadn’t thought to combine it before with the current literature trend in will-we-eat-ourselves-to-death books. Food shortages as the end of civilisation. It seems so logical.

In other news there is carpentry going on at casa deborahb now (yes, during my allotted writing time) & though the noise of it is distracting, the smell of fresh cut wood on a bitingly cold winter day is oddly cheering. Makes this little city grrl want to head out to a farm and sit in the barn all day.

… What is Australian for barn?