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Big realisations for the day

Realisation #1: there’s an event in the Great Unsaleable novel that I’ve had pegged as the end-of-act-1 event. Trouble is, of course, this means Act 1 is about 50,000 words long (if Scrivener is to be believed). I’ve tried shifting stuff out to the later acts, but a lot of it makes no sense that way. It makes for a loooong novel, much longer than I’m really prepared to put to market. Today I realised: that event is not the act-1 event, it’s the midpoint event.

Which leaves me without an event with which to end act 1.

Could be a problem down the track. Has act 1 simply become too meandering? Where, in fact, does act 1 really end? DOES it end?

Realisation #2: this morning’s tea had a weird taste, which I attributed to the head cold. Turns out I was right: the vitamins I’d dropped in the bottom of the cup while it was dry, in order to transport them upstairs to the bedroom, were still there when I poured the tea from the teapot several minutes later.

I’m not sure that really counts as ‘taking your vitamins’.

(Yes, I still drank the tea. After wasting the vitamins, I wasn’t about to waste the tea as well.)

(I removed them before the next cup, though.)