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More great finds in the surf

Yes, still with the lurgy. Which gives me plenty more time to surf the net. Even managed to do some writing on the Great Unsaleable (ie. novel) today. If it wasn’t for the poor health, I could really get used to this lifestyle.

In today’s best pickings:

Lev Grossman responds to the responses he garnered in that whole thing about plot & genre from the other day (you might remember that).

Nicholas Jones, Book Sculptor & Bibliopath (I like it!), shows off some of his wares on his site. Doesn’t seem to have any recent updates, though, alas. Perhaps he’s engrossed in a book someplace.

Peter Jansen does have some recent updates, though, and these works are absolutely mesmerising. I think this one is my favourite. Apparently he studied physics and philosophy. No wonder some of his stuff is so hard to actually look at. Brain. Can’t. Hold onto. Whole image. At. Once.

And now for some Burn Notice.