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Arrival: SF (‘Frisco, that is)

Seriously, San Francisco is in good shape. The weather is perfect (I thought I was being optimistic packing t-shirts, but no. Turns out I was being pessimistic packing jeans). The Mexican is superb, especially from Hair of the Dog Cantina. The wander through Columbus Avenue, into City Lights Bookstore & that place that lets you taste the salt water taffy free, sipping the world’s grandest Chai Grande, wandering past all those wonderful weatherboard houses with the quirky windows. Then up, up, UP the damn hill towards the hotel (I knew I was in trouble when I read the Nob Hill address, but the discount on the regular room rate was so huge I figured I’d deal with it later).

A fabulous afternoon. I feel relaxed, a world away from the frustrations of the everyday. (Well, not EXACTLY a world away. I’m planning a new project or two on my return home.) Perhaps I’ll nip down to the piano lounge for half an hour (& a scotch) before bed.

And then Wednesday, on to San Jose for the beginnings of the World Fantasy Convention.

See? Aren’t these happy posts boring?