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My WFC schedule

On Saturday, 10am, I’ll be chairing this panel at the World Fantasy Convention:

Why Steampunk Now?
Steampunk is not only hugely popular right now but it is also a bit of an oddity in that it is simultaneously a literary sub-genre, a style of fashion, and a social movement. What interests and cultural concerns is Steampunk addressing and why has it become popular so many years after its original invention?

With fellow panellists Liz Gorinsky, Michael Swanwick and Ann VanderMeer.

I think this’ll be a hoot, picking the brains of my learned comrades to find out why steampunk, why now? (I got to pick the brains of my steampunk friends & fans last night, & I now have a full arsenal of questions and ideas — much obliged, teamsters.)

Apart from that, I’ll probably be in the bar.

See y’all next weekend!