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The votes are in

Lots of excellent endings in last week’s poll. Thanks, everyone. I had a blast reading through the nominations.

I got to hear the ending to Ulysses (without having to read the book — thanks, Wendy! And great ending, too). I found myself in complete agreement with Stephen Dedman about the excellence of the ending for Casablanca, & I was reminded of the cheeky ending for the original Italian Job via Jon Gibbs. Cold Comfort Farm, Lord of Light & Bridge of Birds received intriguing mentions. And then there was Pet Sematary (oooohhhhhh, good one, Chuck!).

Tansy & Cat nominated two fabulous ‘dumb courage’ endings — Blake’s 7 & Zulu. Both great films, not just great endings. bluetyson (eep, I don’t actually know your name!) also nominated Blake’s 7 (deservedly, one of the best endings evah!), & also The Usual Suspects for good measure. What a fantastic movie that is, too. Brilliant whodunnit.

David Carroll‘s real life ending for Thelma & Louise was awesome. I loved this one. And then there were the metatextual endings: real life by Paul Haines. Hard to argue with that one! And Gillian Polack‘s ‘pick your own ending’ made me chuckle out loud. Well done on that one!

But in the end I decided to give the free copy of A Book of Endings to a sentimental favourite. Grant Watson‘s nomination of ‘The Monster at the End of This Book’ was a book my little sister received, but which bewitched me even more than her, I think, for the break-out unpredictability of it. I’d never seen anything like it! A book which actually referred to ITSELF as a book! Far out, man! (What? It was the seventies…)

Because you see, gentle reader, the monster at the end of the book … is…

Well, I won’t spoil it for you.

Grant, feel free to step forward & claim your prize!


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    Mr Teufel

    Your link for Stephen Dedman goes to Wendy’s site.

  2. Oh, crud. Fixed now.