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What went down in San Jose

First morning in San Jose I was woken by conversation in the corridor. One side of a conversation, anyhow. Someone calling ‘Security!’ at the door of — thankfully — another room. Nothing for a while after that as they went inside, then as they came back I heard them say they’d put a call into 911. It was kinda creepy and weird, made more so because I couldn’t hear anyone else talking. Just this one deep-voiced security guy who seemed a little bored. Wildly, I assumed someone had died. Really, though, I’ve no idea what happened that night.

A couple of mornings later there was, unrelatedly (I assume), police tape in the lobby. And then stories of a woman being raped. ‘The hell kinda place is this?’ I wondered. Now it transpires she was part of a con. And a suspect in an armed robbery.

Today of all days I heard this, white ribbon day — a day to campaign to stop violence against women. Seriously, unknown-armed-robber-woman, taking advantage of victims of rape is lousy.

So, let’s all buy ribbons and cover our clothes and hair with a message against violence!