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Auspicious endings

In good news, our little book-that-could, A Book of Endings, available now from Twelfth Planet Press, has been nominated for an Aurealis Award in the Best Collection category. Yay!

Also, yay! to see such fine fellows as Paul Haines, Geoff Maloney, Robbie Matthews, Donna Hanson and Greg Egan in the collection, too. In fact, overall the AA list is huuuuuuuuge this year, with plenty of friends in the list. So I’m feeling right chuffed with the whole thing. Full list of nominees here.

(For the home viewers, yes the list should read that the editors were Alisa Krasnostein & Ben Payne, of course! Amends are on the way.)

Also: A Book of Endings now has its own page at the National Library of Australia. Apparently you can borrow it from the Main Reading Room (Australian Collection).

AND over at HorrorScope, internationally* renowned man-of-taste Chuck McKenzie waxes lyrical about the book. Really. He makes it sound frikking brilliant. Where do I buy this thing again? Oh, yeah.

* Originally, I typed that as ‘internally renowned’. Which is probably a compliment in some circles. Most notably, surgical ones.