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Feeling social (media)

Have been filling my site with all kinds of social media widgets lately (I mean the site over at deborahbiancotti.net, with attendant wordpress blog, in case you’re reading this in lj — which I haven’t gotten around to updating yet).

And so I’ve now borrowed Liz Argall‘s cool widget & added Skribit to my WordPress blog. Skribit allows people to suggest blog topics for the blog owner to blog about. Which is blogging good news for me, ‘cos frankly I’ve been struggling to come up with that stuff myself.

Skribit also allows me to moderate your suggestions. ‘Cos I know there’s a few funny buggars in the audience, & some of your suggestions will be impractical if not physically impossible.

As a default, Skribit makes the first suggestion, & it’s suggested I blog about Skribit. I *was* going to blog about Albert Camus, but this seems easier.

So if you’re feeling suggestive … erm … hop over to the Skribit widget at deborahb.blog (the other one) & let me know what you’re thinking. Politely!


One response to “Feeling social (media)”

  1. Oooh, Albert Camus… I hope you have fun on your skribit. I’ve found it quite interesting thus far. Not many questions, but some good ones.

    Be warned, if you merge questions the comments on the merged questions disappear into the void forever! I’ve complained to the skribits about it and it’s on their to do list (though I don’t know where on their to do list)