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Mind plays tricks

Coming down the escalator at Greenwood Plaza, the long one, at the end of a long day — concentration dead, eyes heavy, brain fritzing randomly — I saw from the corner of my eye a woman two metres down the escalator from me, turned to her left and gazing intently into the eyes of her neighbour. Intently. Like the world didn’t exist. Like the old-fashioned symbol for pisces, two figures in rapt reflection.

As I said, concentration not working, eyes not much working either, so both took their time digesting what was in front of me. But the brain, fritzing randomly, kept spitting up a message about the woman and her female neighbour. It kept saying, ‘no no no’ and then ‘not unless her neighbour is moving down the escalator by moving THROUGH THE WALL’.

Which is about when I realised: to the left of the woman was not a neighbour but a mirror.