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Locus (def.): a centre or source, as in activities or power

The Locus Recommended Reading list is up — & so is our little book that could, A Book of Endings! *woot* & thanks to all the Locus readers.

There’s fine company to be had on the list: Twelfth Planet shows its spine, with Horn & Siren Beat also getting mentions. :) Paul Haines’ Wives is (are?) there — a story I’m still too nervous to read. Also Nix, Ball, Lanagan, Strahan, plus Klages, Lake, Link, Valente, Griffith, Irvine …. I could go on but it seems crazy. Just go read the list.

In other Tuesday highlights, you’ve got a chance at (psychologist & sceptic) Richard Wiseman’s site to pledge your soul to the devil. Go on. Give it a go. What’s the worst that could happen?